Effective Hair Loss Therapy

Millions of people worldwide suffer from scalp problems and hair loss. Additionally, with our hair being such a quintessential part of our looks, it can be extremely distressing to realise that we are suffering from either hair fall or appearing as though we have greasy hair. However, you don’t have to suffer from either issue. Maintain your scalp condition with our VS signature scalp therapies by our highly trained scalp specialists. 

At VS Monsoon, a premium hair and scalp treatment salon, we provide affordable hair scalp treatments that target various hair and scalp problems faced by Singaporeans of all ages. Popular treatments include oily scalp treatment and hair scalp treatment for hair loss. 

Premium Scalp Restoration Products

Using premium scalp care products, cutting-edge devices and innovative methods, you will be treated to a specialised scalp therapy to address your scalp conditions.  Your scalp and hair will be cleansed and nourished to restore them to their natural beauty through our exciting range of hair loss treatment and oily scalp treatment. Check out the information on this page to learn more about our hair scalp treatment details and rates.

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