The Latest of Short and Long Hair Perm

What better way to display your girly charm than rocking in those supermodel curls and vavavoom perms? Located in Singapore, VS Monsoon provides the best short and long hair perms.

Types of Curls from Hair Perming

Whether you want waves, spirals, or multiple textures in your hair, our short hair perms, Korean volume perms, or hair root perms chemically alter the structure of the hair. A perm can last anywhere from three to six months, depending on how you care for your hair and how you style it.

Perfectly permed hair is within your reach. VS Monsoon is your hair perm expert in Singapore.

Our service specialty includes the following types of hair perm:

  • Short hair perm
  • Korean perm
  • Digital perm for short hair
  • Digital perms for long hair
  • Hair root perm
  • Soft perm
  • Korean soft perm for short hair
  • Korean perm for long hair

For rates and other details, check out the information on this page and reach out to us!

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