The Best Hair Salon For Long and Short Hair Cut in Singapore

Search no further for the best salon for hair cuts and styles to cut through your tresses and tame those fly away fizz for the coveted shampoo-commercial-worthy hair style. 

Having been around for almost 3 decades, VS Monsoon is one of the forerunners in the business of hair. Helmed by a talented team of trendsetting veterans who are seasoned tamers of the wildest kinks and curls, be ready for a hairbulous transformation?

The following features some of our popular signature hair services.

Precision Haircuts

In this day and age, precision cuts could mean anything from a perfectly executed pixie bob haircut to an avant-garde disconnected and heavily texturized style that sits somewhere in between both of them. In reality, precision cutting is really about using the right techniques and hairstyle selection. Even the most fizzy hair could be tamed into submission for a natural, easily styled look. There are many factors to consider when creating a precision haircut such as a client's facial features, hair density, hair length, wave patterns (if any), preferred styling side, and hair length. As a result, the stylist has to keep all those things in mind as well as even more as they create and apply design lines to your hair so that they can flow naturally as you desire. As a key point to emphasize here, it is essential to keep your head still in the position provided by the stylist during the process.

In short, a precision haircut creates a natural-looking style that falls easily into shape, and can be corrected effortlessly, as every hair section has been cut in a precise way to ensure it falls into place, where the stylist wants it to be. This is because each hair section has been cut and textured according to the hairstylist's masterplan, and is cut with a purpose in mind. 


Dimensional Haircuts

With shades and contrast, dimensional haircuts give your hair a voluminous look. In addition to trimming and styling, you can add a balayage, ombre, or color melt to complete the look.

The addition of dimension to your base color will make a subtle difference to the overall look. By highlighting your base hair color with lowlights and baby lights for a natural depth that brings out your natural hair color makes a huge difference that instantly brighten up your complexion.

Celebrity Inspired Haircuts

At VS Monsoon, our award-winning hair stylists can give your hair the chic look of your favorite celebrities and idols. Our professional hair stylists can help you create the hair of your dreams, from K-pop trends to International celebrities hair trends.

Make sure you walk into the special occasions of your life with your beautiful cascade of hair turning heads, right from the moment your sashay out of VS Monsoon in Singapore.

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